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Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Norway and worldwide. In , women received this diagnosis in Norway. In recent decades, the number of women with cosmetic breast implants has increased in Norway. Norwegian researchers wanted to find out if implants have any effect on the risk of having breast cancer detected. They also wanted to investigate whether cancer develops differently in women with and without implants once they have been diagnosed. Now the results are clear.
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FDA Approves Silicone Breast Implants — With Mention of Additional Surgery

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Most mothers who have had breast surgery are able to produce some milk. Some surgeries impact milk production more than others. Research is limited; however, there have been no recent reports of clinical problems in infants of mothers with silicone breast implants. In , the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP issued a statement regarding the Transfer of Drugs and Other Chemicals into Human Milk external icon , indicating that the Committee on Drugs felt there was insufficient evidence to justify classifying silicone implants as a contraindication to breastfeeding. Learn more about breast implants external icon. Most mothers who have had breast or nipple surgery are able to produce some milk, but not all of these mothers will be able to produce a full milk supply for their infants.

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Download the full article here. Many women who undergo surgery are replacing old implants that have broken or caused problems, and those replacements can occur every years or more. Debate swirls over the risks of breast implants, and physicians and patients are justifiably confused by the conflicting information available. As concerns about breast implant safety die down, new controversies arise. FDA discussion of complications then and now focuses on breast pain or hardness called capsular contracture , implant rupture, and cosmetic problems in the breast area.
A nipple shield is a thin flexible silicone cover which a mother places over her nipple prior to breastfeeding. A nipple shield is like a hat with a brim and a crown. A nipple shield may be suggested to a mother with certain types of breastfeeding problems and when other options have not worked to fix these. Refer to our article on engorgement for more information.
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